“TEACHER You Are Enough & More” offers support, encouragement to uplift educators in the demanding world of teaching. It stirs change in teachers’ self-worth and self-esteem providing emotional support helping in their stride towards excellence. Included are strategies, exercises, and tools to find balance and elevate into a positive frame of mind. When teachers empower, equip, and manage themselves first, they subsequently pass it on and make a difference in students’ lives. The authors share heartwarming experiences and solutions from their teaching careers that provide support and comfort helping educators develop their own stress coping skills. The book is interactive where the reader uses personal journal writing to improve mental clarity, catalog successes, and improve the life of a teacher.

TEACHER: Think about the best day of teaching: kids listen, get along with other teachers, lesson plans worked, you feel empowered & inspired.

Now think about the difficult days: kids are unruly, you are being evaluated, teachers demanding things, parents complaining.

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"Teacher, You Are Enough And More" empowers and energizes educators! It provides invigorating Bible verses, tools , strategies and personal testimonies helping teachers handle stress, persevere and be at peace.

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Tools, Strategies And Excercises To Calm Yourself And Achieve Balance

Keys To Teacher’s Success

Utilizing The Scripture To Manifest Desires, Dreams and Connect With The Holy Spirit

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Karen has 26 years of service as a regular education teacher in the parochial schools and a teacher librarian in the public schools. She was born in Missouri, grew up on a dairy farm with two brothers, and currently lives in Colorado with her husband. She has a daughter, a son and four grandchildren.

Claire has over 30 years of service in public schools teaching regular and special education. She is an Assyrian-American who grew up in New Orleans after emigrating from Iraq with her parents in 1964. Claire lives in Colorado and has two daughters.

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