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“TEACHER You Are Enough and More” is a guide to inspire and uplift educators. When teachers empower, equip and manage themselves first, they subsequently pass it on and make a difference in students’ lives. Tap into the gifts of God using best practices, strategies, tools, and confirmations. Negative thoughts build on each other and manifest darkness. We get what we think! Thinking encouraging thoughts build on each other and produce positive events. To continue walking in the light, choose anchor words from the provided scripture to interrupt the negative thinking and align the body, soul and spirit with the unlimited rippling stream of the Holy Spirit power of God. Teacher you are enough and more!

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Excerpts From Our Book

Foreword - By Dr. Vicki Caruana, America’s Teacher
Two accomplished teachers, Claire and Karen co-authored this book of encouragement to uplift teachers through their daily challenges in the education world. This book is a reminder to stay in the Word and trust the promises of God to elevate the spirit to a positive mindset. It contains invigorating and uplifting scripture to help educators maintain balance, peace and the renewal of the mind. They have also shared inspirational and personal stories teachers can relate to, similar to what I did in my book titled: Apples & Chalkdust 180 Inspirational Stories and Encouragement for Teachers.
1 - Become Your Dream
Teacher, what dream and desire is in your heart? Do you have a dream to fulfill? It is time to set your mind with the intention. How do you make your dream come true? To manifest a desire, you need to have a sense of purpose. In doing so, you attract your wants unto yourself with your thinking, using carefully chosen words and taking the initiative in envisioning, expressing, and writing down your specific desire. Do you dream of a good school year? What is your plan? By focusing on that plan and creating your path with determination and without deviation or wavering, you turn your wishes into reality. Remain steadfast through the times you feel your desires will never come to pass. As you wait, you might think your wishes could die completely. Be persistent, though. When one dream dies, dream another! Do not give up on your dreams!
4 - Values
From childhood, values are instilled in us and are part of our everyday teaching. What values are important to you? Do you impart these values in your students? We impart these values in our students whether we realize it or not, and it plays a large role in the development of our students’ futures. In our lives, we uphold the values and principles most important to us. These guiding principles set the tone of expected behavior and attitudes in both students and teachers. In the end, values are just as important as curriculum, as values include fairness and generating new ideas to serve the community. The values we implement drive our society and develop good character.
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