Why Do Teachers Leave the Profession?

Why Do Teachers Leave the Profession?

Did you know 40 to 50 percent of teachers leave their profession within five years? What causes teachers to become disheartened in such a short time?

By Karen Epps

Why do so many teachers leave the profession Did you know 40 to 50 percent of teachers leave their profession within five years? What causes educators to become disheartened in such a short time? Several factors lead to high turnover. In our experience, we have found dissatisfaction stems from having little to no input in the decision-making process. Along with school conditions, student behaviors, discipline policies, lack of respect, and low pay drive teachers to leave the field. Teachers leave because of pre-described curriculum and lack of time with overwhelming expectations. Also, the pressure to increase test scores and data collection causes extreme stress.

Another factor contributing to teachers leaving the profession is education funding. Colorado is near the bottom in per pupil spending and ranks second to last in providing funding for competitive teacher salaries as stated in Great Education Colorado. Educators should not have to fight for pay increases and supplies for their students. We are seeing an increase in teacher protests across the country for more funding for these key issues. These frustrations lead to health problems and high teacher burnout. More must be done to keep good teachers with more support and compensation provided for those that continue to grow and improve.

A big problem is teachers work load that leaves little time for family life. Expectations are high for educators to go beyond the normal day and this is causing many to seek other professions. It is concerning that perhaps more teachers are leaving the profession than are going into it. Already we are seeing a teacher shortage. It will get worse if key issues are not changed.

Who spends the most time with children aside from the family? Teachers, of course! We build, educate, enhance, and influence their futures. Educating the whole child is critical to success. We know we cannot mend all their hurts, but we can comfort and soothe their emotional needs.

This is your platform to discuss new ideas and be heard. You are welcome to share tools, strategies, and ways to uplift your spirit and renew your mind. Share with us why teachers are leaving the profession. What changes need to take place to keep teachers in the field? What needs to be added or eliminated? How do we find a balance between teacher accountability, that we all know is needed, without the overwhelming excessive unnecessary “busy” paperwork and find time to address the student’s emotional needs? The students seem to get lost in the process of meeting deadlines to satisfy administrators. Together we can brainstorm solutions to these problems to enhance the educational career.

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